Who We Are

V2 Aviation is a Dubai, UAE-based aircraft leasing and trading company providing services to a globally diversified customer base. We are led by a deeply experienced management team boasting a proven track record in all aspects of aircraft leasing, trading, operations and management, including innovative lease and finance structures, aircraft acquisitions, disposals and maintenance. V2 Aviation’s core business consists of aircraft and engine leasing (including wet/damp aircraft leasing and ad hoc charters), aircraft and aviation asset trading and asset management services.


Our leasing business primarily focuses on mid-life to end-of-life commercial jet aircraft types manufactured by the major OEMs. We offer our airline customers a variety of solutions, providing unparalleled flexibility fitting most aircraft capacity requirements:

Operating Leasing: Proven to be favourable to lessees over the outright acquisition of aircraft, with a multitude of benefits such as; the ability to adapt and grow fleet on a short to medium-term basis, zero exposure to residual value risk, and low initial capital investment.

Wet / Damp Leasing: ACMI (and partial ACMI) solutions for operators looking to add capacity as a stop-gap solution before fleet expansion, accounting for seasonal demand variation, etc. A variety of Europe and Asia-based lessor jurisdictions are available.

Ad Hoc Charters: Requirement-driven flight provision with high-density passenger aircraft, freighters, and special purpose missions, all available for utilization by operators and non-airline customers.


V2 Aviation’s aircraft and related asset trading portfolio consists of both in-production and previous-generation assets. The trading of relatively liquid aircraft, engines and equipment manufactured by major OEMs is a core element of our development strategy. We continuously seek attractive opportunities for our trading portfolio.

Asset Management

Our service offering includes a comprehensive suite of asset services aimed at investors crucial to managing an aircraft portfolio. We take over the entire process, from assessing market opportunities, leading acquisition/disposal activities, negotiating lease documentation, preparing the aircraft for delivery and managing leases during the contractual term.

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